You would think that someone who writes an interior design blog is all easy and jumpy when it comes to changes in the home, right? I tell you what: I am not that kind of guy. Currently I am pondering a tremendous change for my living room (at least I consider it tremendous): I am thinking of getting a leather sofa! Yes, one of those beautiful brown leather sofas. Not dark brown, more like cognac. But why a leather sofa? Well, I really like how those brown leather sofas look in a boho interior. That mix of patterns, colours, fabrics and the raw brown leather – it seems like a perfect match to me.

Now I admit: Making such a decision ain’t easy. Moreover, the fact that my current Bo-Concept sofa is not really old nor worn out make it even trickier. Many questions pop up. Is it reasonable to exchange the sofa now? What will I do with my current sofa? Additionally, the new sofa I have in mind is a tad bigger – is that smart for my small room? Well, all good questions. But when it comes to interior questions I am so bad in answering them reasonably. Guilty as charged!